Taking Advantage of the Semester Break

It’s almost here — the long-awaited end to the semester; the halfway point. So how did it go? Are you where you thought you’d be? Any surprises?

This is a good time to take account of the last few months. Take advantage of what worked well and get rid of anything that didn’t. It’s also a good time to start planning out next semester.

Taking Inventory and Planningtwo friends hanging out

Were you involved in any sports or extra-curricular activities? How about next semester? Make sure to work that into your planning time. You know your schedule better than anyone else. Certain classes rarely give homework and others give a ton. Think about it and figure out your average study time per week. Then add the time needed for extracurricular activities and work. Work back from that, and whatever’s left over is your free time.

Don’t Put It Off

Avoid the pitfalls! The semester break is your fresh slate — your one chance to hit the reset button. Don’t procrastinate or put things off until the last minute. Start strong with good work and study habits and it’ll be easier to carry them throughout the year.

The weekends are a good time to build a benchmark. Rather than putting things off until Sunday evening, knock everything out as early as you can on Friday. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself without worrying — or even worse, outright forgetting and having to pay the price Monday!

Dive Back In

This is a unique time during the school year, so take full advantage. If things are going well, take a deep breath and plunge back in — keep doing what you’re doing. If you need to re-evaluate and make a few changes, there won’t be a better time than now. Either way, good luck, have a fun and relaxing break, and see you next year!